I’m on a Boat


It was a classyish sorority party on a boat, just as I hoped. People drinking and carrying on like they were in Clarendon, but on a boat. But we were smart and got a spot on the upper deck of the Boomerang Party Yacht. The Coast Guard only allows a max of 34 people on the top deck, but it was worth staking out our spot. We could partake in the rousing party music but with a gentle breeze and prime night time views of the Kennedy Center, the monuments, the Memorial Bridge, and my favorite bridge: the Key Bridge. It was an up-close-and-personal view of the sights that I literally see every day. I can see the appeal of owning a yacht. Now if only someone would give me a ton of money.

The drinks were a sugary mess in my opinion, but that’s not the draw. I’d do this at least once in your life, though I think the sunset version might be more my speed. I’d imagine the Spirit and Odyssey dinner cruises are more subdued and sophisticated, but you’re definitely going to pay out the nose for it. The Boomerang came in closer to something we could afford and we knew exactly what we were getting. I definitely recommend getting there early to get a spot on the deck and to make sure they don’t leave without you (someone’s friend was definitely left standing on the dock.)

Overall rating: It’ll be like a college-age bar crawl disaster, but the views of DC can’t be beat and the people watching is just as entertaining.